Teasi’s personal journey with God started at the bottom, and skyrocketed…well, in part, because of her bottom.  After years of hating her body, especially the size of her lower half, an ironic chain of events led to an incredible discovery of life-altering inheritance and hope. Now a respected speaker, author, and LifePlan facilitator, Teasi delivers an inspiring message—one of healing, true freedom, and solid biblical empowerment.

Teasi’s desire to share the hope that God’s Word can bring to even the messiest life led her to obtain a Master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty Theological Seminary and to become a certified LifePlan facilitator with The Paterson Center. Now, armed with scripture, humor, and the courage to be transparent, Teasi loves to impart this biblical Truth to God’s people: Our first love, Father God, gazes on each of us with adoration and has hand-crafted a life of personal victory and abundance for any who choose to receive it.

Teasi lives south of Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and best friend Bill. They have three amazing children: a beautiful daughter who is grown and living her “big-girl life,” and two handsome teen men-in-training.

Her name: In 1968, a beautiful, young hippie gal wanted her daughter to have a unique name…so she made one up.  “Teasi” (pronounced Tee See) is what she came up with.  While she’s never been able to find her name on a key chain or a coffee mug, she does enjoy hearing the many ways people reinvent her name daily.

Her man:  Teasi is married to her best friend, Bill Cannon, who can fix almost anything with a paper clip and some string. Because Bill’s heart for Jesus spills out into everything he does and onto everyone he meets, Teasi believes it is quite possible he is an actual angel.

Her babies:  Bill and Teasi have three awesome children: Carli, Ben, and Sam.  All three Cannon kids are talented musicians (along with other amazing skills) which makes for a raucous house at times.  Their first band, which still tours the Franklin area on occasion, is fitfully named, “Loaded Cannon.”

Family Quote: Hanging on a wall in their home in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee is a plaque which says it best, “We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.”