New Bible Study Shout-out!

Eyewitness-To-Majesty_UPDATED2I always love reading about the Apostle Peter because he so often puts his foot in his mouth…something I can totally relate to.  Stories about this man warm my heart in a misery-loves-company kinda way, and it’s a huge encouragement to me that God included such a mess of a guy in the list of those whose writings would be included in His Word. It gives this mess-of-a-gal hope :)

I have even more hope after reading Mindy Ferguson’s new 10-week Bible study which focuses in-depth on the Apostle Peter as an eyewitness to the life of Christ.

In Eyewitness to Majesty: Abandoning Self for Christ, Mindy takes readers on journey through the scriptures while drawing attention to the unique insights of Peter – why he does some of the things he does – the deep things of the heart that his interactions with Jesus reveal.  And along the way we learn important points about the culture of the day, connect dots we never knew could connect, and then learn to identify and apply these things to our own lives.

Mindy’s study of Jesus through the eyes of Peter is packed with Scripture but also full of honesty and truth for daily life and real relationships.  Each week contains five days of assignments – not so much that your head will explode, but you will definitely need your steak knife.  You will do some digging into the Word and will feel like you’ve spent deep and quality time with God.

This is a great study to do with a group of friends or to enjoy in your own quiet times with the Lord.   I love it, and plan to go through it again because I know there is an even deeper layer of good stuff to find :)

You can find Mindy's study wherever Christian books are sold or at her website: