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I am cautious about recommending speakers, and I don’t recommend but a few, but I do not hesitate to recommend Teasi Cannon. She posseses a winsome vulnerability that softens hearts, and then she drops in the rich seed of the Word with skill. Truly, she exalts Christ. I heard women quoting her after she spoke — a sure sign of a good speaker!

          - Dee Brestin, author of The Friendships of Women, Falling In Love with           Jesus, and Idol Lies

Here are a few of Teasi's teaching topics:

  • My Big Bottom Blessing Instead of begging God to change how we look, how about letting Him change how we see?
  • Lord, Where's My Calling? Some people seem to find their calling with ease--opportunity nearly knocking a hole through their door. But what about the rest of us? 
  • The Father Heart of God  Discover (and trust) the source of every good thing  
  • The Hindrance and Healing of Heart Wounds Some issues don't need fixing...they need healing
  • Take Your Place... And Your Inheritance Why do we live like orphans when we're daughters of God? 
  • We All Need A Little R & R... Repentance and Rest  Keys to the revival we're aching for
  • Does God Exist?  A light-hearted look at scientific evidence for the existence of God (apologetics)  
  • Is God Good?  A honest look at pain and suffering and why God allows it           


Our ladies LOVED Teasi, and her message was so very relevant to where lots of them are in life right now. We are grateful that Teasi is willing to step out in faith, sharing the message God has given her to ladies God puts in her path!

- KC Brock, Wonderful Weekend for Women
Teasi surpassed our high standards! I can certainly attest to Teasi’s very gifted, highly relational, witty and Scripturally solid presentation. I can also attest to her “servant’s approach” to ministering to our women. Can’t thank you enough, Teasi.

- Dawn Bodi, “Put Your Brave On” women’s retreat, Evangelical Covenant Church