Is Jesus waiting for the Fat Lady to sing?

I was in the shower not long ago joyfully shaving my legs for the millionth time in my life (small exaggeration), when a thought came to my mind – a thought accompanied by a “Holy Spirit bell.” You know - the kind with weight…the kind that definitely comes from above. Here’s what I heard: It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

I’ve been turning that thought over in my mind ever since, asking God if there is indeed a message in this, and I can honestly say I believe there is.

Now, let me state from the start that I am in no way trying to make a theological statement here. I’m just saying I think there’s something more to this statement than a mere colloquialism. In fact, I think there’s something very profound in this statement, and I’m extremely jazzed about it.

I did a little investigating into the origin of this little phrase, wondering who the fat lady was and what it all really meant. What I found is just plain exciting (at least to this book nerd). To make it short, the phrase comes from a German opera written in the 1800's by a guy named Richard Wagner entitled Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung). It’s a four-day opera that tells the story of a major battle between the gods (and other creatures) over a very powerful ring (hello Tolkien). On the last day of the Opera (which is referred to as the Third Day, interestingly), the end of the world is ushered in after an epic battle and… after the fat lady (valkyrie Brünnhilde) sings.

Oh, there is so much more to the story in this opera, and you’ll have to check it out if you’d like. But what I find so totally exciting is that in this opera the battle between the gods ends – the actual world ends – right after the fat lady sings.

So, back to my original question in the title of this blog: Do you think Jesus is waiting for the fat lady to sing? Go with me here for a minute.

The Bible is pretty clear that Jesus has an appointed time for His return, and it’s also clear that there are things that need to happen on earth before He’ll come. God is waiting for some things – He’s longsuffering – not wanting anyone to perish.

So, what if the fat lady singing is one of those things He’s waiting on? Now, I’m not talking about just women with wide hips here. I’m talking about God’s daughters who THINK they’re fat – or who THINK their arms are too skinny – or who THINK their nose is too big.

What if God is waiting for His daughters to stop worrying about all the external things of this world so they can free up some time to sing? What if He wants to see us stand against our culture and its fading value system and just chose to sing at the top of our lungs? To see us sing with not only our voices but with our lives? To see us sing by living the life He meant for us to live – being the women HE sees and walking in the power and freedom of that?

I personally believe there are things to be done this side of heaven that God has planned for His girls to do - things only we can do. Things that require all the mental, emotional, and spiritual band width we have. And we need to get busy doing them. I believe the sooner we do, the sooner we will see our King face to face.

So this fat lady is choosing to sing her heart out!

How about you?