I Want More of Less


I want more of less Less of me Less of fear Less of striving Less of here Less of aching for something when I’ve already got it all Less of wading through the debris left to us by the fall

I want more of less Less of looking for what I should do Less of grieving over what I’m not instead of seeing myself in You Less need for man’s approval when you couldn’t love me more Less searching for my perfect place when here lay blessings galore

I want more of less Less looking at the horizon while missing what’s at my door Less worrying about my failures when it only traps me more Less longing for tomorrow when Your gift is my today Less pushing toward the finish when true joy is along the way

I want more of less Less reaching higher when lower is where victory’s found Less focus on one big thing when big things are all around Less clinging to a hope that depends upon anything in me Less brokenness and bondage when You’ve handed me the key

I want more of less, Father For less means more of You And that’s truly all that matters – all that’s right and true