With all my Butt...

Love you with all my buttA new friend sent this little message to me today saying that it reminded her of me. And that makes me laugh - because it's true... my butt is much larger than the physical size of my heart.  But it also makes me laugh because what once would have been an excruciatingly painful jab has become one of the biggest compliments someone could ever offer me.

It's the laugh of the completely redeemed.

I love that she knew I would absolutely love this little saying.  I love that she could see that kind of freedom in me - that she could see how okay I really am with the body God has given me - that she knew I would laugh.

This just proves all the more that our God is in the business of taking the broken things in this world - including our hearts - and turning them into His masterpiece.  I spent years hating the shape of my body (especially my rear), and begging Him to make me smaller.  Instead He wanted to make my vision larger - to help me to see myself through His eyes and to quit sweating the small stuff (funny that my large behind is the small stuff).

I love that about our God.  He's a redeemer.  He can take the thing we hate the most about our looks - or our life - and turn it into our biggest victory point.  If we let Him.

I love God with all my heart...and with all my butt.  And even though that may sound a little unorthodox, I know HE understands that by saying this I'm truly shouting His praises - proclaiming His miracle...and I'm pretty sure it makes Him laugh.